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Using AI to Automate Your E-Commerce Content Generation and Standardization


Shifting Your Content Strategy to Account for AI Systems

As advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) continue to take the digital world by storm, the age-old principle of “write for people, not for robots,” is becoming an outdated concept in modern content creation. With the rise of personalized AI agents and Large Language Models (LLMs), internet content is increasingly generated and accessed not by humans, but AI systems. This shift presents both challenges and opportunities for marketers, with the emergence of AI opening up a new, dynamic frontier for creating and optimizing content. 


The Power of AI-Generated Content for SEO

AI-generated content can significantly boost page traffic and optimize the conversion process. It achieves this by tailoring extremely specific page titles and SKU descriptions to user search intent, structuring SEO-designed, high-value human-oriented content, and updating content according to current search trends, news, current events, and seasonality. Additionally, it enables the continuous testing and iteration of content without intensive manual involvement from content, SEO, or e-commerce marketing teams. 


EKOM is the leading retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) product data enrichment engine that eliminates the drudgery of manual SEO upkeep.

Retrieval-augmented generation is an AI framework for retrieving facts from an external knowledge base to ground large language models (LLMs) on the most accurate, up-to-date information and to give users insight into LLMs' generative process.

Now you can monitor and respond to stay ahead of changes in search trends, boost traffic and conversions, scale with ease, and preserve brand voice, allowing retailers to revolutionize their online presence through secure, expertly-engineered AI.